The muse for Harry Styles’ Carolina is apparently a Bruin

No-one from USC has Harry Styles writing about them

Upon the release of ex-One Direction star Harry Styles’ self titled solo album, fans were scrambling to discover who Styles’s songs were inspired by.  One song in particular, “Carolina,”described by Rolling Stone as a “stomping rocker,” was rumored to be about a fan, sending a flock of Styles’s fan to discover the true identity of his muse.  Originally, it was suspected that “Carolina” was about Styles’s former girlfriend Caroline Flack.  However, the Daily Mail reported that the inspiration for the song is allegedly UCLA French-Philosophy student Townes Adair Jones.  The song describes Jones as bookish, claiming that “She’s got a book for every situation.”  Clearly, she fits in here at UCLA.

“Carolina” being about Jones corroborates fan theories, as her name is said to actually be in the song in the line, “She never saw herself as a West-Coaster.  Moved all the way ’cause her grandma told her, ‘Townes, you better swim before you drown.'”  Though neither Styles nor Jones publicly confirmed this theory, Styles alluded to it in his “Behind the Album” documentary. Styles said, “Her name’s in it, so I’m a bit fucked with that one.”

Apparently, Jones was unaware of the song.  In the song itself, Styles sings, “How can I tell her that she’s all I think about?  Well I guess she just found out,” indicating Jones’s ignorance to the song.  What’s more, she supposedly found out about the song through her father.

According to the Daily Mail, Styles and Jones met through Jones’s sister, actress Gilland Jones, who has appeared in various Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows including iCarly and Suite Life on Deck.  Styles also revealed in the “Behind the Album” documentary that he has seen Jones since their first meeting.

While Jones’s family is present on social media sites like Facebook, Jones herself is extremely elusive on social media.  Even so, numerous accounts bare her name; most of these accounts are probably fake, but still contain pictures of Jones.

Fellow Bruins had varying reactions the fact that THE Harry Styles wrote a song about a fellow Bruin.  Some like third year political science major Justin Wang responded with humor.  “Well that’s one girl I don’t have a shot with.  How am I supposed to compare to Harry?!”  Wang continued, “Alternatively, if she ever wants to date with a REAL man she can email me and I’ll see if I can fit her into my schedule.”

Others, responded with denial:

Some students were in shock:

“It’s just weird because you don’t associate those people with people in your life.  It’s weird because she’s so closely related to something I’m related to,” said first year Bus-Econ major and Harry Styles fan Megan Ly.

Others were excited to listen to Styles’s album:

First year Psychology and Linguistics major Chenchen Wang said, “I think that’s really cool!  It makes me really curious to check it [Styles’s album] out.  I knew from friends that he was releasing some new stuff, but I hadn’t intended to give it a listen until now.”

Jones did not respond upon The Tab reaching out to her.

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