UCLA printing comes as close as it can to free

UCLA finally listened to the meme gods

The biggest concern for college students is the fact that we pay thousands of dollars for tuition and we still don’t get free printing. UCLA’s H&HS Student Technology Center finally took note of all our worries and gave us a reason to take a slight sigh of relief. As per an email sent out to all UCLA students today, single-sided Black/White print and copy has been brought down by 1 cent while double-sided Color print and copy has been brought down to $0.97 from $1.50. Scans sent to Email (which was $0.40 earlier) are now free.

Most UCLA students can’t contain their excitement. Kayla, a 21 year old applied math major said, “the reduction in the black and white printing will definitely help save money when I print a large number of pages. Even though I have a printer at my apartment, cheaper printing will make it more convenient for me to print on campus, especially when I forget to print back home.”

Dylan, a 21 year old sociology major who works for the computer lab at Covel, said, “every penny counts. I hope to see more people at the computer labs and look forward to getting food at Westwood more often now that I will be saving some money.”

Cecilia, an 18 year old linguistics and computer science double major said, “I will now print out more things as it is cheaper. I wish it could be completely free but this is a step in the right direction.”

It’s safe to say that saving a penny each time we print something at uni will help us feel a little less broke than we earlier were. Can’t use the famous “sorry, I’m broke” line to flake out now!