UCLA students made a grave site for a dead squirrel, in case you were wondering where our priorities are


It’s the beginning of a new quarter, and UCLA students are bored. So it’s not surprising to find out that to honor the death of a squirrel, a student created a gravesite is asking for others to pay tribute.

Theo Hong posted on the UCLA memes page asking for likes and prayers in memory of this squirrel. He wrote, “Pay tribute @ stairs between De Neve Evergreen and Dogwood,” two dorm halls on The Hill.

Hong appears to have taken a piece of cardboard and fixed a Google image of a squirrel to it, complete with a photoshopped UCLA hat, propping it at the site of death. Since then, students have contributed flowers and a note.

The note reads, “Here lies Mr. Squirrel, loving husband, caring father, awesome son. GO GET THOSE BIG ‘OLE NUTS IN HEAVEN” and is accompanied by a sketch of the squirrel.

Student comments have ranged from “IM SO SAD LMAO” to “may he have a happy life in squirrel heaven” and “this is what I ran away screaming from.”

You are welcome to pay your respects in any way you see fit.