Why you should be excited to be a Bruin

You’ve made the right choice

We have all experienced the emotional anxiety while waiting for our college admission decisions. However, that waiting game is officially over for the newly admitted class of UCLA freshmen, who have accepted their offers for Fall 2017 and are #UCLABound.  Every incoming UCLA freshman should be very excited, because there are many things to look forward to as a Bruin.

You’ll have a home away from home

Everyone knows that UCLA is home to students of culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds. The campus provides students more than 1,000 clubs and student organizations, so it’s very easy to find a community of your own. Just keep your eyes open and prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of flyers and invitations on Bruinwalk!

Bruins get LIT

UCLA students are academically-driven, passionate, and very intelligent, but we also know how to have fun. Ever heard of our Undie Run to destress during finals week, or our annual Beat’SC bonfire to cheer Bruins on to victory against the Trojans!

Location, location, location

UCLA is located in the heart of Westwood,  a vibrant neighborhood with a variety of local foods and places to hangout, from cheap eats, museums, to even movie premieres. Westwood boasts a long history of film screenings, so if you’re in luck, you could catch a star-studded red carpet premiere! But if you ever get bored of the local area, just remember that you are living in one of the most diverse and iconic cities in the country. Or perhaps in the world. With everything from the beaches, urban art scenes, shopping strips and historical landmarks, Los Angeles definitely has it all.

Dorm food is 11/10

To those who like to save up and stick to dorm food, then UCLA is the best choice for you. UCLA offers a variety of dining options from Pan-Asian cuisine to cafes for late-night runs. We are officially the number one school for on-campus food, based on the 2017 Best College Food ranking by Niche.com. UCLA topped the list, beating Virginia Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, and even the Culinary Institute of America.

The campus is stunning

There’s a reason why UCLA is always bustling with tourists and campus tours: it’s because the amazing architecture and landscape can’t be fully captured in pictures and should be experienced in person! Walking around, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie. In fact, UCLA has been the set for countless universities in films and television shows.

We literally have the perfect weather

Everyone knows that LA has the best weather in the country, so you can look forward to great weather all day every day. Say goodbye to umbrellas and padded jackets, and hello to sunnies and flip flops.

There’s no pride like Bruin pride

There is one thing that all Bruins have in common, and that is Bruin Pride. Attending a UCLA sport or a volunteer event is one way to found out about our amazing school spirit, but just make sure you learn how to do the eight-clap beforehand.

The rankings speak for themselves

We all know that UCLA is a reputable school in many aspects, but it specifically stands out in university rankings. According to the U.S News & Report, UCLA ranked second among public universities, and tenth in the world by the U.S. News global rankings.

We dominate in sports

Bruins take great pride in sports for a reason, and that’s because we are good at it. UCLA has produced  261 Olympic medals, and our Men’s basketball has won 11 NCAA titles. In fact, UCLA has the most NCAA titles than any other school in the nation,

Everyone wants to be a Bruin

The number of most NCAA titles is not the only leading title UCLA holds, because we are also the first school in history to receive over 100,000 freshman applications.The incoming class of freshman have been selected over a record-breaking pool of competitive applicants, and we are so happy that you made the perfect choice.

Welcome to your new home, Bruins!