UCLA is proposing to build a new dorm on the top of Drake Stadium

We need beds and lots of them

In light of recently receiving a record high 102,000 applicants for the 2017-2018 school year, UCLA has had to come up with ways to accommodate for the anticipated increase in students living on campus.

Currently, UCLA houses about 19,000 people on campus, including students and some staff members and their families.  With an increase in demand for housing, the school has proposed to add 4,200-4,500 beds by 2020, totaling 6,900 beds.

In addition, an increase in residential living spaces has been suggested.  Proposed locations for these living spaces include above the rim of Drake Stadium, adjacent to Bradley Hall, and between Saxon and Hitch.

These proposals are yet to be approved and will be presented for funding requests in March 2017.