The ultimate game of UCLA would you rather

This is guaranteed to be harder than any final you’ve taken

Here at UCLA, students have to make choices everyday…but are they as difficult as these decisions? ┬áLet’s find out!

1. Would you rather have Gene Block be your best friend OR have Gene Block join the UCLA Meme Page?


2. Would you rather have to jump into the Inverted Fountain OR get your backpack stolen while napping in Powell?


3. Would you rather drop your Bruin Card down the elevator shaft OR snap your Bruin Card in half?


4. Would you rather have USC pull a catastrophic prank against us OR have UCLA lose another football game against USC?


5. Would you rather have a date in the Sculpture Gardens OR have a date at the Observatory?


6. Would you rather have to eat dorm ramen for every meal OR have to eat at Feast at Rieber for every meal?


7. Would you rather give up B Plate’s chocolate peanut butter OR give up De Neve Late Night?


8. Would you rather live in Hedrick Hall with your best friends OR live in Sproul Cove Landing with roommates you hate?


9. Would you rather have a class discussion with Lonzo Ball OR have a class discussion with Madison Kocian?


10. Would you rather pull an all-nighter in the Hedrick Study OR Pull an all-nighter in Powell?


11. Would you rather have to take a class with a 1.0 rating on BruinWalk OR get waitlisted for all of your classes during enrollment?


12. Would you rather have 8 am classes everyday OR have class until 8 pm everyday?


13. Would you rather nap on the grass next to Jan Steps on a nice warm day OR nap on a couch in Powell on a rainy day?


14. Would you rather have to stop at every stand on BruinWalk on the way to class OR hand out fliers on BruinWalk all day?


15. Would you rather be turned away at the door to the USC vs. UCLA basketball game OR have USC win the game?


16. Would you rather have three finals on the same day OR have three papers due on the same day?


17. Would you rather have to get rid of boba at Rendezvous OR have to get rid of smoothies at BCafe?


18. Would you rather never see a dog on campus OR find out that the Powell cat died?


19. Would you rather walk to Public Affairs for just one class OR have to stay on campus all day?


20. Would you rather break a glass in a dining hall OR get caught stealing too many bananas?


21. Would you rather go up and down Jan steps 5 times OR go up and down the stairs by Cafe 1919 5 times?


22. Would you rather always miss the light at DeNeve crosswalk OR have to answer “Hey, man, can I ask you a question?” every time?


23. Would you rather have to walk down BruinWalk without headphones OR lose your BruinCard on the way to class?


24. Would you rather be unable to understand what your professor is saying OR be unable to read their handwriting?


25. Would you rather get rid of De Neve Late Night chicken tenders OR Cafe 1919’s Monte Bianco?


26. Would you rather get caught being intimate in the tunnels OR get caught with a Trojan?


27. Would you rather have to wear a USC shirt all day OR go to all your classes naked?


28. Would you rather have all stairs be like the stairs by Covel OR have all stairs be like the stairs by Cafe 1919?


29. Would you rather only be allowed to use the Powell bathrooms OR clog the toilet in your friend’s dorm?


30. Would you rather do the 8 Clap after every time you sneeze OR get a Joe Bruin tattoo?