UCLA is the 25th most sleep deprived school in America

Go to bed earlier

As we cram for finals and start referring to the library as home, desperately trying to catch a ray of sun through the window we are reminded of the importance of sleep.

Fitness tracking company Jawbone has compiled data tracking a total of 1.4 million nights of sleep of college students all over North America. They surveyed over 100 American schools as well as elite international institutions like Oxford and Cambridge.

Jawbone says, “Good sleep is strongly linked to learning, memory, creativity, and problem solving. However, poor sleep habits notoriously plague college and university students, depriving them of performing their best when it matters the most.”

On average, UCLA students go to bed at 12:21 am, wake up at 8:11 and have to repeat the pattern only getting 6.84 hours of sleep a night during the week.

Jawbone also found a correlation between later bedtimes and the school’s ranking concluding that “The tougher the school, the later the students go to bed.” In this sense, it would seem that our sleepless nights are testaments to our work ethic but shouldn’t we be rewarded with sleep for being good students?

Read the full study here.