UChicago professors are canceling class today after the election results

‘Math is not the most important thing’

A pattern in UChicago started in the early hours of this morning when professors began emailing round to announce canceled classes and postponed midterms.

At around 3am, a math professor emailed to explain that there would be no problem if students didn’t attend class because “math is not the most important thing”.


He also said: “If you ever need a pick me up in my office there is a book called kittens in Japan – and it is a book of kittens in Japan.”

This seems to have sparked a pattern among UChicago professors, with some postponing midterms that were meant to take place today. Professors, such as Beatrice Fineschi, a biology teacher, are acknowledging that we may not be as prepared as we need to be for tests.


She said: “I recognize that election night is very important and I understand your desire to watch the developments closely.”


University of Chicago