As international students, we stand in solidarity with the US

We came to this country for a reason, but this wasn’t it

Last night’s election results have affected every single person living in America today – Americans aren’t the only ones affected by the results.

At UChicago, international students make up 13.7% of the college demographic and as a Brit, I am one of those students, and I can fairly say that I was as shocked and saddened by the results as every other student in the US.


After the results of the European Union referendum in June showed that polls can sometimes be wrong, I knew that the statistics for the election could be off – but I still never expected a Trump presidency.

And although today may seem bleak for many as we consider what a Trump presidency means for the country, we international students, especially the British, want to reiterate that this is not the end for you, and it’s not the end for America.


Sure, the stock market might take a hit, the currency may be affected and feelings may be low – but these are things that will pass.

International students came to this country for a reason. We came here because America is a place where opportunity still exists, where cultural diversity exists and where we can work cohesively together.

Although Trump may threaten to destroy these beliefs, I believe, as well as many international students, that the people of America still hold the beliefs that made us come here in the first place.

America will persevere.

Today, I have seen the kindness of people. Friends offering hugs as you walk past them in the quad and strangers offering an ear if you want to cry or shout about the election. Last night showed us that this country has its flaws but I truly believe that the people of America will not let these results uproot the kindness and equality that this country was fostered on. The same kindness and equality that made us come here in the first place.


America has always been and will always be great – we don’t need an orange president-elect to tell us that … although who’s to say we wouldn’t be opposed to Obama staying put for another four years.

From me and other international students on campus – remember that we must not give up hope. Remeber that Love trumps Trump.

University of Chicago