Only UChicago could make Cubs’ victory nerdy

Surprise surprise

As long as you live in civilized society and haven’t been passed out in a fifth-floor cubicle of the Reg for the past two days, you’ve probably heard that the Cubs snapped a 108-year drought to win the World Series on Wednesday night.

It’s a big deal for the city of Chicago, so UChicago should get in on the celebration, right?

Okay, so we didn’t actually “fly the W” on top of Mansueto…  But this did happen.

While everyone seemed like they were invested in the big game, did most of us really care in the end?

Maybe we just had to show our support in the only way we know how: make something not nerdy extremely nerdy.

Others made some bold predictions with the Cubs’ victory

But let’s be real. You can tell all of your family and friends back home that you were partying outside of Wrigley Field, being a part of this city’s history, but we all know this was you:



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