A definitive guide to getting your Halloween costume in Hyde Park

Because you’re probably very last minute

It’s Halloween very soon and you’re probably too caught up on midterms to be worrying about a costume, in fact you’re almost definitely going to leave it very late. But whether you’re embracing your dorm’s Halloween traditions or heading out to parties next weekend, you’ve go to do it in style.

We put together the ultimate Halloween costume shopping guide for Hyde Park so you can keep studying whilst you put the finishing touches on this year’s costume.

Encore Resale


Where: 1553 E Hyde Park Blvd

Best for: Sweaters, colorful tops, jeans, belts and other accessories

Price: <$10 for most pieces

This thrift store is truly a hidden gem. Beyond it’s tiny storefront is a surprisingly large selection of men’s and women’s clothing. All of these items are high quality and definitely worthy of becoming closet staples beyond Halloween.

Plus, Encore frequently offers promotions and rewards – you can get three shirts for $3 and receive a load of discounts through their text rewards program.



RBIM Fall Costume Sale – Event


When & Where: October 24-27, 12-4pm in Reynolds Club

Best for: Statement clothing, unitards,  dresses, and skirts.

Price: <$5 for most pieces

Stop by Rhythmic Bodies in Motion’s annual costume sale for your pick of this dance group’s gently-used costumes. There is always a huge selection of fabrics and patterns that can be worn again or re-purposed as material. Costumes are all about details, so find the fun piece that will make yours stand out.

UBallet Halloween Costume Sale – Event


When & Where: October 27, 10am-2pm in Reynold’s Club

Best for: Elaborate accessories, prop pieces

Price: <$5 for most pieces

UBallet is hosting this event to sell the masses of costume and prop pieces they have accumulated over the years. It’s one day only and perfect for last minute costume needs.

Your friend’s closet

When: Minutes before an event you promised to go to

Best for: “We’re dressed as each other”

Price: $0, but return the favor

Make do with the clothes you (or your dorm mates) already have. With clever borrowing, many iconic characters are possible. Sites like DisneyBound are great sources of inspiration.


The beginnings of the author’s costume gathered in this manner. Still on the lookout for a lightsaber.

Last Resort: Cardboard

Nothing says “I have $1 in my bank account” like a costume made entirely of brown boxes. Maybe you never wanted it to come to this, but many great things have been made with cardboard. At a school known for its resourceful Scav endeavors, your stockpile of old shipping materials is full of possibilities.

May your Halloween be full of costumed charm and at least of few hours of forgetting about your midterms.

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