An ode to the Harper bathroom graffiti

Welcome to The Girls’ Room

Harper is the epicenter of studying on campus, second only to the Reg. However, there is a part of Harper that is known only to the girls who study there and that is the first floor bathroom.

The first floor bathroom is just like any other bathroom, until you enter one of the stalls. It then becomes obvious that this bathroom is utilized by women on campus who are unafraid to speak their minds by putting pen to wall.

This is not just any bathroom graffiti though, the Harper first floor bathroom walls act as a breeding ground for female power and study support.

Here are the most inspiring pieces of writing on the Harper walls:


The real question is whose definition of you are we using here? Hegel? Marx? Rousseau?


A reference to the great philosopher Miley Cyrus or the motto of a premed student with a mound of medical school applications in front of them?

We may never know.


Nice try with emphasizing the letters, but does this even make sense?


“For the last time they’re gargoyles not dragons” you can hear Henry Ives the architect of Cobb gate shout… but I appreciate the sentiment and the motivation.


What road? Frat row or the midway?

Because I don’t know about you but I regret the midway in winter.


Sometimes the whispers about Marx and Locke can become too much for us all when mixed with coffee sips.


Sorry but the syllabus said to use size 12 Times New Roman font.


‘Meet me in the land of hopes and dreams’ The Reg?

Oh no sorry that’s the land of crushed hopes and dreams.


Because the first thing I think of when in the bathroom is how wonderful the world is…


This is what we all really want to see when we go into the bathroom to fix our hair…

University of Chicago