UC System to continue to support DACA despite Trump’s decision to rescind the program

‘The University of California will continue to stand with Dreamers and their supporters as we fight to keep the program alive.’

Santa Cruz is officially the happiest town in California

And third in the country

Suspect arrested after attempted kidnapping on UCSC campus

The female student was attempting to hitch-hike from the bus stop

Student hit with rock in ‘hate crime’ attack

‘She was followed by three unknown male subjects who called out to her’

Over a thousand people march from UCSC to downtown Santa Cruz

Protesters transformed their anger into empowerment

A topless UCSC student is protesting the election in The Quarry right now

She’s asking people to write their sentiments regarding the election on her body

Huge protest happening on UCSC campus after Trump wins

Slugs are not taking the news well: ‘I no longer trust my country’

UCSC student passes away after hit-and-run on Halloween

The driver is still at large