Undervalued Campus Resources: Why Ayala is better than Langston

Study Time in ‘The Uterus’

If you’re like me, you have midterms this upcoming week. If you’re unlike me and unlucky as hell, you’ve already had midterms. One way to make midterms, especially for humanities classes, way easier is with the utilization of one campus resource. Welcome to the Ayala Science Library!

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Inside the Ayala Library.

Open 8am to 11pm on weekdays, 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays, and 1pm to 9pm on Sundays, “UCI's Ayala Science Library, one of the largest consolidated science, technology, and medicine libraries in the nation, contains the collections and services that support research and teaching in the schools of Biological Sciences, Engineering, Information and Computer Science, Physical Sciences, portions of social Ecology, and Medicine.”

Studying has never been more accessible to students on campus; with the Writing Center inside, Ayala Library gives the perfect atmosphere for uninterrupted studying. Have loud roommates? Tempted by parties or a super quick trip to Disneyland? Visit the library!

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The library is located near Biological Sciences, Campus Village, and one of the three Starbucks locations. Fun fact: the library is maybe-probably-on-purpose shaped like a uterus from a top-down, Google maps view.

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The library houses one of the best resources on campus for writing help: the Writing Center. The Center offers you help from trained professionals in helping you improve as a writer. UCI gives us the tools to succeed–instead of just “fixing” our papers, we have the chance to engage in the editing process so we can become academically honest scholars. Within the library’s hours, the Writing Center is open Monday through Thursday, 9am to 8pm, and Fridays from 9am to 4pm. Book your appointment two weeks in advance or stop by for walk-in tutoring. Take advantage, Anteaters!

Whether you’re looking for writing help, the perfect science textbook or research book, or a quiet place to take a nap, the Ayala Library is, compared to Langston, a quieter, equally important place for you to prep for UCI’s rigorous workload.

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