Freshman student attacked by water balloons at UTC Parking Lot

First, there was a boba attack, now this?

It seems people like to relieve stress by attacking students after finals week. Last fall, quarter a student was hit by boba and eggs after she had finished her last final.

Now in time for spring break, several students were attacked by water balloons in the UTC Parking lot around InNOut and Taco Bell.

Odorico was walking on the sidewalk with a friend when “a group of white females in a 2016 White Audi with license plate number 7TMX609” started throwing water balloons at them.

The student claimed that the alleged attackers had bad aim and missed despite being 3 feet away. Odorico said: “luckily they didn’t hit us because we had technology” the student claimed that the group of girls had circled around for a second attempt.

He admitted not reporting to the police but he noticed that the group of girls was circling around the parking lot looking for another innocent bystander to hit.

While both the boba attack and the water balloons are unrelated it seems that finals week is being used to attack students and relieve stress or as  “we still had to deal with children in college.”

UC Irvine