According to new rankings, UCI is one of the best value colleges in America

Your parents will be pleased

Irvine is officially one of the best value schools in America, according a new ranking.

UCI was ranked the 23rd best value public school in America by Kiplinger, a business publication based in DC.

To get this data, analysts ranked each school using cost and financial aid measures. Quality criteria accounted for 55% of total points, and cost criteria accounted for 45%.

With in-state tuition at UCI currently around $11,000, it’s often seen as a cheaper option compared to private schools like USC who charge over $50,000 a year.

They also worked out that UCI students graduate with an average of over $20,000 in debt, but make around $54,000 a year after graduation.


Kiplinger not only averaged schools based on potential income but also graduation rate. The University of California, Davis four-year graduation rate is ranked with a low 52% compared to UCI’s 72%.

But the stats are not all, UCI is definitely worth attending. Not only was it nominated as one the healthiest colleges in the U.S., but we have a serious commitment to keeping it green.

Despite these results, UCI students have protested recent tuition hikes that perhaps threaten to drop us a few places down the table. Unhappy students often report being 40,000 in debt, nearly twice the reported average.

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