Anteaters come together to remember the Armenian genocide

They were joined by students across the country

On January 9th, 2017, hundreds of students across 23 college campuses, including USC, CSUN, Yale University, and UCI, stood in solidarity displaying bold posters and covering their mouths with red tape. With the red tape concealing their voices, students gathered to silently mourn the forgotten genocide of the Armenian people.

Beginning in April 1915, the Ottoman Empire began the systematic extermination of approximately 1.5 Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian people. Until this day, the Turkish government refuses to define the events as a “genocide” and has instead come up with multiple justifications for their heinous crimes including justified massacres in turmoil of the first World War or as “relocations” to safe zones.

102 years later, some states still don’t officially recognize the atrocities committed by the Ottomans due to political ties and agreements with the modern Turkish government.

Yet the Armenian youth continue the fight and demonstrate the cycle of perseverance that runs through the generations. Chris Khadadour, UCI ASA Cultural Chair and second-year history major, said “This is one of the few times of the year that we can raise awareness about the Genocide on multiple campuses across the continent. As a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors, it has become a duty to inform people on what my family has been through.”

Some of the posters read “Turkey is Guilty of Genocide” and “Genocide Demands Justice.” The denial of the mass killings, rapes, and suffering by the Turkish government is considered a major crime against humanity.
This silent protest served not only to mourn the atrocities suffered by the Armenians, but also to remind all communities of different races, ethnicities, and religions that the fight for human rights begins with unity, awareness, and recognition.

UC Irvine