UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman has a message for President Donald Trump

UCI and other college campuses stand together against the travel ban

This Thursday, UCI along with over 40 other campuses wrote “as presidents of leading American colleges” a letter to President Trump asking to “rectify or rescind” the executive order which closed the doors to immigrants from seven countries containing a majority Muslim population.

Many colleges, including UCs and Ivies, began to protest against the ban, including UCI students all throughout the week. Our chancellor Howard Gillman joined other presidents who heard the students’ voices and agreed that the “order threatens both American higher education and the defining principles of our country.”

They continued to urge the president to consider the “talented, law-abiding students and scholars from the affected regions” that the ban specifically restricts “from reaching our campuses.”

The letter said: “This action unfairly targets seven predominantly Muslim countries in a manner inconsistent with America’s best principles and greatest traditions. We welcome outstanding Muslim students and scholars from the United States and abroad, including the many who come from the seven affected countries.”

It closed with a grim reminder that “this executive order is dimming the lamp of liberty and staining the country’s reputation.”

UC Irvine