Controversial speaker agitates students on Ring Road tells ‘illegals to go home’

He was escorted away by police

A controversial campus speaker told students that illegals should “go home” before being ushered away by campus police.

Ever since Donald J. Trump was elected as president of the United States there has been an onslaught of protest against the results. UCI campus has seen its fair share of protests since the results were announced. Feelings have not died down for those affected by the results. However, today at the UCI campus a speaker came to tell “illegals to go home.”


Students immediately gathered around as he began to speak for Donald Trump telling people to “wake up” and argued that the new POTUS only wants to bring back jobs from Mexico and China. Students were vocal saying “Do you know where my mom works…how many times she’s been working for the government?” While others said, “Shut the fuck up.” Some people were unsure of his intentions even wondering if this wasn’t some sort of social experiment. Regardless of his true intentions, people were agitated.


The police were called and he was ushered away. The student who called for the police stated that “that’s how you get them removed, you call the cops” after the student was continuously filmed by the speaker.¬† While he stated that he was not affiliated with the Republican party he believed Donald Trump was the best for the job. He has since been ¬†removed from Ring Road and has been sent to the student center to find a proper place to speak his rhetoric.

Police intervenes

Police intervenes

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