Huge protest at UCI after Trump wins presidency

There’s a group cry at Langson at 8pm tonight


UCI students took to the streets last night to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Shouting “DUMP TRUMP!” An undocumented student was vocal about his disgust with Donald Trump explaining that he wished he could vote. Other opinions such as “Muslims aren’t terrorists” and “Climate change is real, it is not a myth” were expressed as well.

Students crowded outside the library in the early hours of this morning to express their dissatisfaction with the result

An event has been created as well for November 9th called “Group cry at Langston” and other’s have stated that they will bring white T-shirts and write “Dump Trump.”

Reaction to Donald Trump elected as POTUS

Reaction to Donald Trump elected as POTUS

It’s been a tough election year and for many the outcome was not expected.

*Featured image photo credit to @Anthony862


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