Katehi has invited UC Davis students to ask her ‘anything’

One person wanted to know, ‘What kind of music do you like?’

How much do you know about the Armenian Genocide?

The Armenian Students Association are outside the MU now

Anti-Katehi chalk appears around UC Davis campus

The latest of the Anti-Katehi movements involved a massive chalking campaign over the Memorial Union’s concrete paths

UC Davis is the 6th most sleep deprived school in America

Many UC Davis students couldn’t find sleep even if they were enrolled in a sheep counting class

No, the animals at the petting zoo are not slaughtered after Picnic Day

Trust me, I work there

BREAKING: UC Davis paid $200,000 to improve Katehi’s internet reputation

They edited mentions of ‘Katehi’ and ‘pepper spray’ on Internet searches

There’s a cow milking competition happening on the quad

It’s the most UC Davis thing in the entire world – animal rights activists were also present

Petition started against Mrak Hall #FireKatehi protesters

It’s gained over 50 signatures

BREAKING: Bikes have been banned on UC Davis campus

Bicycle use on campus banned due to ‘annoyance’

Big #FireKatehi walk-out happening tomorrow morning

Leaving class at 11:30

Watch pigs get slaughtered on the quad

Virtual reality booth lets you step inside the grossness

The Tab UC Davis has arrived

Hold on to your hats, Aggies