Everything you need to know to survive freshman year at UC Davis

It’s going to be the best four years of your life

Coming into college can be hard, but we’ve got your back. Here are some tips to help you survive your freshman year at UC Davis and make your start to university life a lot easier.

Communicate with your Academic Adviser

This person will help you with anything related to transitioning to college and are a forever brilliant resource.

Join the Facebook Class of 2021 Page

The UC Davis Class of 2021 Group is a great place to meet fellow students.

Follow the UC Davis Facebook and twitter account

The UC Davis Facebook and Twitter will help keep you up to date with things happening around campus.

Arrive early for your orientation and when you’re signing up for classes

Because sometimes the spaces run out.

Clubs and Organizations

Joining different clubs and organizations is a must and is an important part of your journey. It’s a great place to make friends who will be with you for the rest of your life.

Explore the area around UC Davis

It’s a beautiful place and it’s a good idea to know where everything is located when you first arrived.

Be careful with the hard classes

Pay close attention in these hard classes and spend more time in them.

Be sure to take some cool classes

Your schedule could be extremely packed sometimes. You deserve to take some cool and GPA booster class.

Join the Greek Life

Greek Life is where all the fun happens! You will have a life changing experience as well as meeting tons of new friends.

Living on Resident

If you are living on Res, make sure to take a Virtual Tour on the UC Davis Residence Halls.

Finally, just enjoy and be yourself at UC Davis. Get acclimated and be open to meeting new people.

You’re going to love it here!

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