The best places to cry on UC Davis campus

Just let it out

Finals are around the corner, and that means crying sessions with Ben and Jerry’s and fuzzy pajamas aren’t far off.

Here’s a list of top spots around campus to indulge in spontaneous waterworks.

Hutchison Parking Structure


A great place to sob a little before you head home after finals. It’s also a great place to cry over the senseless parking ticket you may have gotten (I might be guilty of this).

Ann E. Pitzer Center


The brilliant acoustics also mean that your crying won’t echo as much. Or you could cry while enjoying a musical piece.

The new UC Davis Store


A great place to lament the exorbitant hoodie prices. And all the disappointment you feel for not buying your mom that mug.

The Silo


At least you can cry with Starbucks and Taco Bell here. If nothing else, you’ll cry at the sight of the never ending lines.

The Quad in front of Bainer


Cry here after your terrible midterms.

Bike racks


It’s a quintessential Davis thing to do–crying by a bike rack. But it’s also a place where people don’t spend much time lingering.

The MU


Cry here with your friends while looking at all the people tabling.

The Quad


The endless grass is good for wiping tears.

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