We found the best dressed students on UC Davis campus

Did you make the cut?

The temperamental days of chilly mornings and sweltering afternoons along with the abundant presence of pumpkin spiced everything means that fall is almost here.

Here’s a look at how students are dressing to brave themselves against both the breezes and the heat.

Danielle Al-Abed, 2nd Year, International Relations Major


Staying warm yet chic.

Felice Rodriquez, 3rd year International Relations Major and Hala Abdallah, 4th year Political Science Major


Boots for days.

Ustaadha Manar, Lecturer of Arabic


Bringing in Fall with leopard print!

A whole squad of fashionistas


Samira Monshietehadi, 4th year, Biopsychology major Hannah Contois, 2nd Year Plant Biology major Emily Radusovsky, 1st Year, Environmental Science major Katrina Metter, 2nd Year, Nutritional Biology major Marisa Cicozzi, 4th Year Animal Science Major Marisa Pedreso, 3rd Year, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major

Club shirts are a popular choice year-round. Also, check out this awesome dance group that raises money for charity!

Jacqueline Johnson, 2nd year, Undeclared


Keeping it casual.

Luzerito Juarez, 4th year, Sociology/Chicano Studies double major and Rosario Zaragoza, 5th year Chicano Studies major


Looking chic while promoting a good cause.

Gabriella Mercier, English major


Keeping busy with extracurriculars.

Ivy Kernytsky, English major, Aaron Allen, Computer Science Major and Madeleine Volk, Art major


Eclectic and how!


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