If you haven’t been to Mishka’s, are you really a UCD student?

You’ll smell it before you see it

With its red, coppery bricks, and old-school, industrial feel, Mishka’s is that cafe you see in movies about New York in the 1920s.

Freshly-baked pastries and aromatic coffee make this one caffeine haven you won’t want to miss.


You smell it from a block away

If its cozy brick exterior isn’t enough, Mishka’s also seems to radiate the mouthwatering essence of a grandmother’s kitchen.

You’ll get a whiff of that freshly-ground coffee all the way from the movie theater, and we won’t blame you if you make a direct beeline.   


Options for everyone!

One of the great things about Mishka’s is that they cater to everyone and provide all sorts of choices. So if you’re into organic and fair-trade, and want a place that roasts their own coffee, you’ve come to the right haven. And for all my vegan or gluten-free homies, we’ve got you covered too.  

Your bank account won’t hate you

No more cringing while swiping your debit card! Mishka’s standard coffees and teas start at just over two dollars for a small cup and won’t be breaking your bank anytime soon.

Not to mention, their pastries rein around three to four dollars, so you can have an afternoon study date with your textbook for about five bucks.


No time, no problem

In a rush? Don’t sweat it! Even if there’s a line, Mishka’s will have you out the door in just a few minutes, and you can continue your trek to class with a steaming, foamy latte in tow.        


Let’s talk goodies

You can’t go to Mishka’s without being tempted to try at least one of the pastries lining the refrigerated shelves. Just one look at those ooey-gooey delicacies set right in front of you and your crumbling resolve is enough to set off the debate in your head. Which will it be? The tasty, creamy pumpkin cobbler? The delectable, flaky baklava? Or – dare I say it – the freshly-baked lemon bar?  

Good luck on that one. 


Could it be more convenient?

Nestled right in the heart of Downtown Davis, Mishka’s is the perfect place to go when you’re rushing off to class from your apartment, craving something sweet after dinner, or just meandering along the streets.    


Everyone’s favorite

Mishka’s eclectic mix of undergraduates, grad students, and Davis locals makes it a diverse spot to lounge and people-watch, and even catch up on some school work.

And – *cough, cough* – what better place for a coffee date than a cozy, old-age coffee hub with a warm and inviting interior?    


Night-owls welcome

You know that feeling when it’s 9 pm the night before a midterm and you desperately need a coffee boost and somewhere comfortable to study? Well, fear no more, because Mishka’s is open till 11 pm every night and reopens weekdays, bright and early, at 7 am.  


Artsy and on-point  

Okay, but seriously, Mishka’s interior is probably one of the most unique ones there is in all of Yolo County. Not only does Mishka’s feature local artists’ paintings on its walls, it also holds a rustic, old-school feel with its red interior and exposed brass fixtures.   

All of this probably has you craving a good, old cup of joe. So what’s stopping you? Grab that unfinished paperback, your barely-started essay, or the thirty pages of reading you have left, and head on over for a caffeine boost you won’t forget.

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