Why the Arboretum is the best thing about going to UC Davis

It’s the ultimate spot to relax and unwind

Every college campus has a few unique spots that are considered the best parts of the campus – but none of them compare to the Arboretum at UC Davis.

It is the finest place for nature lovers

The beauty is boundless, and Putah Creek looks like it’s come straight out of a fairy tale. It is the best way to unwind and get some fresh air after a stressful week of hectic classes.

d5No entry fee

It is unrestricted and absolutely free. No better place to spend some quality time with nature, family and friends altogether. It is open to public as well as students without any charge.


There’s no time cut off

Aggies and other residents in the area have a 24-hour access. It is also an attractive tourist spot for parents and visitors who come to visit the campus. screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-9-29-32-pm

Public and private events

University of California, Davis holds a number of events throughout the year in the Arboretum for the public as well as for Aggies. It has different activities for diverse groups. There are even guided tours for people who want to know more about the vegetation and the wildlife present there.

From book reading to music jamming sessions, they have it all!


This nature garden is also used for educational purposes

The site and plant variety are used for teaching in dozens of classes in University of California, Davis, and local schools around. It is used for multiple research purposes in a wide range of fields.


Arboretum is a great place to study

Most afternoons students are running off to CoHo or Starbucks to grab an empty chair. With the chaotic crowd present in these cafes, it becomes extremely hard for some students to study. With its peaceful and quiet surroundings, the Arboretum is the perfect hangout for study groups.


Wondering where to go to get an Instagram style picture?

Arboretum serves as the best picture spot. Not only can you play with the sunlight shining through the tree branches, but also capture scenic scenes on the bridge. It comes in handy when Aggies want to make other people envious about their living situation.


It is the most inspiring place for aspiring writers, poets, and artists

What better place than close to nature? It can bring out the lyrical side of anyone. It serves as a stimulation to their works and pieces. It helps these artists create individual bubbles of passion and vision.


The plant life is beautiful

Arboretum has been given its prestigious reputation due to maintenance of the flora and the plant life that grows there. Sustaining vegetation is very important, and the plants are well maintained.


It also provides employment opportunities to local people and UC Davis students

With paid jobs and career options, you can also volunteer to help out with the gardening and the preservation of the habitation.

If you are an Aggie and you still have not visited The Arboretum, are you really an Aggie? Go out and find your own favorite spot.

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