An honest guide to Welcome Week at UC Davis

Welcome back, Aggies!

The start of the school year is always a very exciting time. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the meth-like high you experience when buying new notebooks and of course the unparalleled backpack-choosing expedition. Also the parties.

UCD does a pretty spectacular job of making the first week back to school, aka “Welcome Week” for those of you newbs, as fun as it possibly can be. There are quite a few sights and events you really don’t want to miss.


Not only is Welcome Week a great time to explore our beautiful campus and check out where your first quarter classes are going to be held, you definitely don’t want to miss the phenomenon known as “Nomadic Noobs” where hordes of freshmen are wandering around campus with enormous fold-out maps.

Watch out for those that attempt to locate Wellman while also biking. For those of you that want to look a little cooler, download the UC Davis app – it has a searchable map of campus.

Make sure to take a stroll down the MU to see the obscure clubs and organizations you can join on campus. Why not play a round of “Flyer Fandango” where the object is to not accept a single flyer shoved in your face by a zealous student?

Bonus points if you can avoid being sucked into a conversation with one of the many Christian organizations attempting to recruit in the name of the Lord.

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Keep an eye out for the groups of uncomfortable-looking girls participating in that strange cultural spectacle called “Rush.” It’s 100 degrees, they’ve been girl flirting for 6 hours and most are wearing very impractical shoes.

Obviously you’ve only been reading to this point to figure out what parties you should be hitting up during this week of few responsibilities before the crushing blow of the quarter system is dealt. The best parties are clearly the frat parties that insist that you present your UCD ID and have an hour wait to get in. Definitely worth the hype.

Don’t be afraid to brave the heat and attend a dayger or two – drinking in the middle of the day is always fun and the best part is, you’ll have dealt with the hangover by 6 pm and be ready for round two.

The Buzz is always a great shout – from the inadequate amount of food and headlining performer’s failure to show up, this once a year event is something you don’t want to skip!


Why not hit up a themed party or two? From the numerous “Foam” events where you’ll face the exciting risk of catching a waterborne disease to the classic animal-themed frat events, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

The lack of a “syllabus week” at UCD is truly a bummer, but don’t let the lack of a full week to pretend you’re not about to have to take 17 units stop you from making some truly terrible decisions! Just make sure to stop by class at least once or twice.

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