UC Davis is the second best college for supporting low-income students

We were only beaten by UC Irvine

The New York Times “The Upshot” created an index to measure colleges’ efforts on supporting low-income students and Stanford came 2nd.

This was calculated by a “College Access Index”. This is “based on the share of students who receive Pell grants (which typically go to families making less than $70,000); the graduation rate of those students; and the price that colleges charge both low- and middle-income students” says The Upshot article.

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This index allows them to rank the colleges, in order, from the college doing the most for low-income students to the college doing the least.

The UC schools dominate the top 10, with UC Irvine as the school doing the most for low-income students. UC Berkeley ranked number 7, Harvard lies at number 11, Princeton at number 18, and Yale at number 26.

College is incredibly expensive, and it’s good to know there are some top universities out there to help you.

So when applying to colleges, refer to this chart and give the UC system a pat on the back.

UC Davis