OUT: Katehi removed as Chancellor

#FireKatehi worked

Chancellor Linda Katehi has temporarily been removed from her post as Chancellor after being put on administrative leave on Wednesday.

According to the New York Times she is being investigated into possible violations of university policies, most notably using university funds to disassociate her name with negative incidents on the internet.

This, of course, is referring to the infamous incident in 2011 when Chancellor Linda Katehi authorized pepper spraying of students peacefully protesting outside her office.

Katehi also came under fire after she was appointed a board member of the Devry University at the end of February.

Katehi resigned from the position after eight days following pressure from a number of external and internal groups at UC Davis. Criticisms were voiced due to Katehi’s current salary of $424,360 – taking the board position would have boosted this by a further $70,000.

Further to this, Devry University is a for-profit firm that offers college degrees online, and is currently under state and federal investigation for deceptive advertising regarding job and income prospects for graduates.

The now ex-Chancellor has been the focus of multiple protests on campus and the social media #FireKatehi campaign, and it seems the students’ calls for her removal have finally come to fruition.

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