All of Katehi’s dirty laundry is being publicized on the quad

‘Katehi’s Kloset Art Exhibit’ gives details of Katehi’s wrongdoings since 2011

An event called Katehi’s Kloset Art Exhibit is taking place on the quad right now which is quite literally airing the dirty laundry on Katehi’s past misdemeanors.

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The organizers have written down details of Katehi’s past on paper clothes and have hung them on a clothes line stretching half the length of the quad from the MU to the 24 room.

Grievances include, ‘Katehi makes more than the president of the USA’ and, ‘In 2011 a petition for Katehi’s resignation received over 100,000 signatures’.

The presentation is peaceful, without any shouting that’s been typical of protests in the past – there’s music playing and the vibe is relaxed.  At present there are about 30 people there with a constant stream coming and going.

Students are being encouraged to write post-cards to Katehi about anything they feel she should know.

One of the organizers, Chase Caligiuri, said: “I helped suggest some of the facts. It’s the next step in the demonstration, and a way to inform students in an interactive setting”.

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