Fashion trends you didn’t know were invented by men

Most of these guys kinda seem like creeps tbh

Have you ever put something on and then asked yourself, “Seriously, who came up with this shit?” Well, the answer to this question – for a surprising number or fashion trends – is men.

Alternatively, you can read this as a history of men wanting to change women’s appearances or restrict them from moving.


In 1959, Allen Gant, the owner of a knitting mill, invented pantyhose.

While they were a a great improvement on the layers of undergarments needed for dress back then (replacing the garter, garter belt, stockings, and more), today they seem like just a nuisance.

Even if you somehow managed to pull them on (seriously, do they purposefully run small?), you probably snagged them with your nail or a ring on your finger.

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Push-up bra

Frederick Mellinger first introduced “The Rising Star”, the first padded bra, in 1947.

Hobble skirts

Ah, yes. Those flattering yet incredibly restricting skirts that make us totter around and unable to sit.

Frenchman Paul Poiret invented the hobble skirt in 1908, featured in designs with corset-less dresses. “Yes I free the bust”, Paul apparently wrote, “but I shackled the legs”.

Tbh, Paul Poiret seems like a complete creep.


Are you ready for this one?

In 1939, New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia requested that the city’s nude dancers cover themselves a little more (but only a little).

Basically, he wanted them to be as close to nude as possible while still technically being clothed.

Curling iron

In 1890, Marcel Grateau invented an early version of the curling iron: metal tongs heated over a gas burner.

If only he could see how far his prototype has come- from wands, to big curling irons, to small curling irons, to curling iron-straightener hybrids.


Heels are equally loved and hated; they are hideously uncomfortable yet often add that extra ounce of oomph to a night out outfit. But who knew that these love-to-hate-them footwear were invented and traditionally worn by men?

Yes, you heard right. The Persian cavalry as early as the 10th century wore heels as riding shoes to help them stay in the stirrups. European countries adopted this trend, and high heels became indicative of high social class.

Victoria’s Secret

No, the hallmark of lingerie was not founded by a woman. Victoria’s “secret”, in fact, is that it was founded by Roy Raymond in 1977 because after trying to buy his wife lingerie and being disgusted by the selection, he wanted to create a place where men could be comfortable shopping for lingerie for their wives.

I’m pretty sure that men are still uncomfortable shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

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Now you know that all the things you both love and hate to wear – like heels, thongs, push-up bras – were all introduced by men. Uh, thanks but no thanks.

Now, who invented sweatpants? Because they actually deserve gratitude.

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