Why UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens is the best group on the internet

It’s literally our lives

Students at UC Berkeley are excited about the popular Facebook page “UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens” because it’s memes are, often unfortunately, so relevant to student lives. The site, started on May 2, 2016 by Berkeley student Chris Tril now has over 26,000 members.

The site is a way for students to connect with each other on all aspects of Berkeley through inspired memes, as sadly true as some of them may be. These memes really are our life.


They show how CS has consumed every facet of our lives




Where would we be without Daddy Denero?

They show us how unhealthy we are


Every. Single. Day.

They provide some comic relief on Chancellor Dirk’s… qualities


Hey at least he says sorry.

We’re actually crying because of tuition, but seriously Dirks…


Can we make Dirks LifeAlert a thing?

They prove we are better than our rival schools

A few rival schools have caught on to the meme craze and have tried to compete with their own meme pages. They failed, obviously. A notable failure is “Stanford Memes for Edgy Trees.” Competing universities have also stolen memes from the Berkeley page.

Now we know a little rivalry is good, but there have been reports on inside job espionage. This is all very disconcerting, but UC Berkeley meme appreciators rest assured–our memes are the best.



They let us mourn together when Smart Alec’s and Pacific Cookie Company closed


Nope, sorry bud. They’re taking everything you ever cared about in Berkeley away.

They get us through tough times


And so starts the two hour scroll through memes. What is homework?

Who knew memes could tug at our heartstrings? But ultimately, the page helps students relieve their stress out and connect with the rest of the Cal family about their struggles at Berkeley.  So if you haven’t already, join the page- don’t miss out!

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