Professor at UC Berkeley accused of sexually harassing student

Professor Nezar AlSayyad denies all allegations

A new campus investigation of a UC Berkeley professor has come to light in the recent influx of sexual abuse cases at the school.

Professor Nezar AlSayyad, 61, allegedly inappropriately flattered a student for months before putting his hand on her thigh and suggesting they become friends and take a trip to Las Vegas together.

AlSayyad, a Middle Eastern scholar, is recognized internationally for his scholarly work and highly revered at UC Berkeley where he has taught since 1985.

The Chronicle reports a detailed investigation done by the university shows that from 2012 to 2014, AlSayyad appears to have groomed the student by inviting her to social gatherings and giving out hugs. Although, the investigation only reports on the experiences of one student.

But, the Chronicle shares, there have been two others who complained about AlSayyad’s unwanted sexual advances. One student claimed that they had sex more than 20 years ago, but her story was never investigated.

AlSayyad denies all allegations. Many students are upset by the amount of sexual harassment cases on campus. Hopefully, by bringing this case to students’ attentions will prevent further cases from occurring.

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