Why you should take the Tulane Climate Survey

It closes this Sunday, February 19th

The Tulane climate survey is important. Take it here.

Scratch important — it’s everything you should be thinking about / talking about / dreaming about. It’s a survey created with questions specifically tailored to Tulane’s campus and the plague that is rape culture. And what is rape culture? It’s the fact that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 33 men report sexual violence committed against them while in college.

But it is more, so much more than this statistic. It’s the reality which you live in — in which your friends, your partners, your professors, and even you have experienced rape or attempted rape. It is not okay.

Producers of Hers, Theirs, Ours! a student run production dedicated to funding and supporting an end to sexual violence

On Sunday January 29th, Tulane’s climate survey was released via email to every full time undergraduate and graduate student at this University. And so far a total of 42% of Tulane students have taken the 15-25 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Which is huge. Not only does this make our data viable and significant, but it means that nearly half of our student body is ready to talk about how to change sexual violence’s impact and prevalence on our campus. But we’re not done yet.

If we have a participation rate of over 53% then we will (not only) beat Harvard’s climate survey participation, which is the largest in the country, but become the leading University in the nation on our efforts to end rape culture. Does this seem daunting? Yes.

Generations fo females who say you need to take this survey!

Well then consider this- we have the power to change culture. The way you dress, speak, and the music you plug into your ears is radically different than it was two years ago, five years ago, or even one year ago. Culture changes all of the time and if we take the time to be active and conscientious, we can change it to be the way we see fit.

So before the climate survey ends this Sunday, February 19th, take those twenty minutes and take the survey. We owe it to Tulane and to one another, but most importantly, you owe it to yourself.

Say no to sexual violence — it begins here.