Every Tulane campus hack you probably didn’t know

If you love free printing, you’ll love this list

Ah, Tulane University – a beautiful, prestigious, expensive school.


My face when I realized I paid for this coffee and I didn’t have to…

Sure, you love the towering oaks on the academic quad, the way that Gibson and Newcomb look like they’ve landed out of a Greco-Roman daydream, and all the those fancy-shmancy breakout study rooms in the graduate bschool.

But every nice thing we have at Tulane costs money. A lot of it. And you can thank your tuition for that. So here’s a list of some of the best FREE hacks on campus, because you’ve already spent enough money, time, and emotion on this place you call home…


Look at all that money you could save with these helpful tips


This seems obvious, I know, but incase you think Hillel is anything other than God’s gift to campus, hear me out. In addition to the fact that Hillel has a professional kosher kitchen in it, where you can use your wavebucks, it’s close to campus while still allowing you to feel like you’ve gotten away for a bit.

It also has the best study spaces (think comfy ass couches), FREE COFFEE (and also free tea but not as exciting), a bomb Pandora playlists chosen by the front desk employees, and FREE WIRELESS PRINTING (not certain how wireless printing works but I love it).


Cudd Hall

Cudd Hall is the cute looking building in the middle of the academic quad that looks more like a house and less like every other building (though you can still have classes in it upstairs which is WILD). It’s best known for the free donuts and coffee on its porch Friday mornings at 9:30 am, but most people don’t realize that Cudd also has free coffee Monday through Friday (and about eight different varieties of kind of fancy flavored stuff, and yeah, also tea).

Unfortunately, at Cudd, the printers aren’t free, which is a bummer, but it’s one of the best places to study. It’s quiet, air conditioned, has giant leather lazy boy chairs, and TWO porch swings outside. What more could you ask for? (Besides free printing obvs.)


Almost as relaxed as I felt when this picture was taken

After Hour Buildings

It might sound a bit weird, but one of my favorite places to study is any building in the A quad late at night. The buildings don’t tend to be locked, and sometimes sitting in a giant lecture hall, a small classroom, or even a bench in the middle of a hallway helps put you in the headspace of getting work done.

Plus the wifi is best access being so central to campus.


Just another reminder that I’m giving you multiple locations on this campus that give free coffee

Howie T

I’d like to think people understand how to best utilize the library, but that’s not always the case. Did you know there are breakout rooms in the Stacks section of the library, printers on the first and third floors, information desks that will set up wireless printing on your laptop, and sustainable water bottle refill stations scattered across the floors?

Oh and if you haven’t yet studied up on the new sixth floor watching the sun set, then what are you waiting for?


Woldenberg Art Center

It’s not every school that has a regionally and nationally renowned art gallery on campus. Especially one that is free and open to students.

The gallery is employed by work-study students, so you can stop in and have a friend or peer explain to you what exactly art is, and what you’re actually looking at. Not only is the artwork beautiful, but so is the space. Come feel cultured af for free, and take advantage of it.


Some really incredible aboriginal artwork I don’t understand but like to look at FOR FREE