How you can help the foundation created by the family of Jenna Burleigh

The event that will take place in the Trocadero Theatre at 7:00 p.m.

On April 5, 2018, Benifest 3: Jenna’s Blessing Bags will take place to benefit a new foundation called Jenna’s Blessing Bags, which was created by the family of Jenna Burleigh, a Temple University student who was tragically murdered in September 2017.

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The event that will take place in the Trocadero Theatre at 7:00 p.m., according to their Facebook event. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the cause.

Jenna was described as a “free spirit” and “as long as you treated her and everyone right, she was cool with you”, according to one of her friends who spoke to us after her passing.

Jenna was an avid supporter of helping the homeless and others in need. We spoke to one of her friends, Jesse Halteman, who is helping promote tomorrow’s event. Halteman already graduated from Temple University but he came down to Temple to speak about Benifest 3: Jenna’s Blessing Bags to The Tab Temple.

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“Jenna for me was someone who I can laugh with all the time,” Halteman said. “She had biggest smile every time I saw her and she had such an unique sense of humor. I do miss her very much.”

One of the greatest things about Jenna was her passion towards rights for other people and her towards advocating for other people’s rights.

“She had an unending support towards anyone who needed help and would always stand up for someone,” Halteman said. “She was never going to give up on those things, she always fought for what she believed in and stood for.”

Halteman also states that he wishes for as many people to donate to Jenna’s foundation by buying a ticket to the non-profit concert since 100% of the proceeds goes towards buying living necessities for the homeless.

“This is probably one of the best ways for me to heal and grieve. It’s one of the most positive things I can do because when we are out doing what she wanted to do and seeing how big it has gottenā¤it’s incredible,” Halteman said.

The event is done by Mason Payonk, the founder of Benifest, a non-profit concert series. He knows one of the girls from Jenna’s high school who was close to Jenna. Payonk brings local artists to come and perform for a new foundation and this time he wanted to do Jenna’s foundation.

“We are just hoping to get as many donations as possible. If you just buy the ticket online and don’t choose to come that still will help the foundation,” Halteman said

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Jenna and Jesse

You could purchase tickets here to support Jenna Burleigh’s foundation.

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