So you’ve had yourself a night…

A guide to getting over the embarrassing things you during the weekend

It's Sunday morning and you're waking up in the clothes you went out in last night. You wake up in an ignorant bliss unaware of what you got yourself into last night.

Then slowly, the flashbacks starting hitting you.

You get weird memories of yourself hitting on a guy who was very clearly not into you, dancing on a table and asking everyone around you to add you on Snapchat.

The embarrassment coupled with the hangover headache are almost too much to bear. It is very tempting to crawl into your sheets and NEVER leave again. How will you ever be able to face the light of day after making SUCH a fool of yourself??

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Step one

First things first, forgive yourself. This is not the worst thing that has ever happened to you and those crippling pangs of embarrassment you're feeling will fade.

Take comfort in the fact that most college students have been in your shoes. We've all woken up to see that our ex opened the snap we sent them at 2 a.m. and did not respond or rewatched our snap story the night before and saw ourselves attempting to look cute while drunk lip-synching.

Step two

Get some food in your stomach because that video of you shotgunning a beer out back of a frat isn't the only thing making you nauseous in the morning. Orange juice and a bagel are the food of the Gods after a night out.

Step three

Send your friends a quick thank you text. You probably were not the most pleasant version of yourself last night and they loved you enough to stick with you and make sure you got home safe. They're pretty great friends and you are very lucky to have them.

Last Step

Finally, laugh at yourself! It actually is funny that you insisted on shaking everyone's hand when you introduced yourself and your Drew Barrymore impression was kind of spot on. Sure, last night was a little embarrassing but it was a good time and you definitely made a lot of interesting memories.

Ultimately, youth is fleeting and it's a gift. Be grateful that you're young enough to stay out all night and your metabolism allows you to scarf down Philly Style every Saturday night with out devastating consequences.

These are the stories you're gonna laugh about when you're older and staying up past midnight is an accomplishment.

And maybe next weekend skip the tequila shots and chug a Pedialyte at the pregame instead.

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