Here’s how you could support the family taking sanctuary from deportation at the Church of the Advocate

They came to the U.S. fleeing the violence of the drug wars in Mexico

On December 13th, 2017, Carmela, Fidel, Keyri, Yoselin and Edwin took sanctuary at Church of the Advocate, to protest their family order deportation after their asylum petition was denied.

This church is located near Temple University on 1801 Diamond St, where rallies have been held by the local community and students.

Carmela Libre: Grant Asylum to Mother & Children in Sanctuary …

SIGN THE PETITION NOW: Carmela and her children, Fidel, Keyri, Yoselin, and Edwin have officially entered Sanctuary at Church of the Advocate. In a courageous act of civil disobedience, they are resisting deportation orders and challenging the injustices of the immigration systems at large. The family will stay at the church until justice is done. As a year of deepening criminalization of immigrants, Black communities, people of color and the poor comes to a close, let's hold this family in our thoughts and prayers. Let's remember that we are each other's best hope to organize for human dignity and true safety. #CarmelaLibre #SanctuaryInNorthCentral #AdvocateSanctuary #AsiloSi #ImperioNo–Carmela y sus hijos, Fidel, Keyri, Yoselin, y Edwin han oficialmente entrado en Santuario en la iglesia Church of the Advocate. En un acto valiente de desobediencia civil, ello resisten sus ordenes de deportacion y desafian las injusticias del systema de inmigracion. La familia que quedara en la Iglesia hasta que ganen justicia. Al termiar un año de la profudizacion de la criminalizacion de los inmigratnes, comunicades Negras, gente de color y los pobres, mantengamos a esta familia en nuestro pensamientos y rezos. Recordemos que nosotros mismos somos la esperanza mas grande que tenemos para organizar por dignidad y seguridad humana. —Carmela dan anak-anaknya, Fidel, Keyri, Yoselin, dan Edwin telah masuk dalam perlindungan gereja Church of the Advocate. Sebagai tindakan pembangkangan sipil yang berani, mereka menolak perintah deportasi dan menantang ketidakadilan sistem imigrasi pada umumnya. Keluarga ini akan tinggal di gereja sampai keadilan selesai.Di akhir tahun ini, di mana kriminalisasi rakyat imigran, masyarakat kulit hitam, orang-orang warna dan orang-orang miskin telah mendalam, mari kita pegang keluarga ini dalam pikiran dan doa kita. Mari kita ingat bahwa harapan terbaik kita adalah dalam satu sama lain untuk bersarma-sama memenangkan martabat manusia dan keselamatan sejati.

Posted by New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

According to the petition made by the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, the family came to the U.S. fleeing the violence of the U.S.-backed drug wars in Mexico.

CNN reports Mexico reached their most murderous year on record with more drug-related violence in 2017 as the country continues to suffer from violence between competing drug cartels.

Carmela and her family are victims of this on-going violence as they have lost three of their closest family members. Carmela and her oldest daughter were also physically assaulted as well, according to their petition.

What you should know about asylum cases

In the 2016 Refugees and Aslyees report, a total of 84,989 people were admitted to the United States as refugees.

According to the American Immigration Council, in 2016, the U.S. Immigration Court and Asylum Systems were backlogged with more than 620,000 pending cases, which resulted with wait times to hear back up to six years.

Asylum seekers on average have to wait two years for their initial interview with an asylum officer if they applied through USCIS wait and refugee families risk being separated by their loved ones during these backlogs and delays.

Anyone who is seeking asylum must also meet each requirement to be considered as a refugee by providing substantial evidence throughout the affirmative and defensive processes demonstrating either past persecution or have a “well-founded fear” of future persecution in their home country, according to American Immigration Council.

Although, the individual’s own testimony is usually the most influential in their asylum determination—families like Carmela's are often denied.

How Temple students could help this family

On February 2, 2018, there will be a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. at Church of the Advocate for the family taking sanctuary. Temple University's AdEL is leading the potluck by showing their support and providing food to share.

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Carmela and her family at the Church of Advocate

All are welcomed to come and encouraged to bring food to share.

AdEl's president, Meztli Carolina Cardoso, states it is important for Temple students to be aware of what is going on in their community, regardless if it affects everyone or not.

"AdEl's mission is to serve the Latinx community, not only on campus but off as well," Cardoso said. "We want to support this family and show them that we care and we are here."

If you can not attend the potluck, students are able to support the family by signing their petition that just needs a few hundred more signatures to complete their goal of 3,000 signatures.

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