Here’s all the best reactions to the Eagles going to the Super Bowl

“Can I get uhhhhhhh dilly dilly Philly Philly”

Philadelphia exploded with excitement after the Eagles brought home the biggest win of the season, beating the Minnesota Vikings 38-7.

Much like expected, Philadelphians wasted no time starting their two week celebration leading up to the Super Bowl, shutting down Broad Street and even taking on the challenge of climbing the Crisco greased street posts.

If you happened to miss the post game celebration, thankfully you have two weeks to invest in a dog mask and learn the fight song before the Eagles trek to Minnesota for Super Bowl LII.

We searched Twitter for Philadelphia's most notable reactions to last nights win. Here's what we found.

Even Temple Alum Brandon McManus has that 'Philly Philly' feeling

Shout out the Philadelphia Police Department for staying focused

Love you Chrissy Teigen, but you wouldn't understand

Last but not least, just look at this smile from the Prince of Philadelphia

Finally the best video made thus far…

From one flock of crazy birds to another, the Temple Owls congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles. We will see you at the Super Bowl.

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