This girl wants to get accepted to Temple so bad she made a video

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It's no surprise that in 2018, students around the country wish they were Temple Owls like us. Is it the fact that we're the best school in Philly with best die-hard fans and also have the best food on any college campus?

Either way, Irina Althouse, an 18-year-old from Perkiomenville, PA made a video about why Temple University should accept her.

Since posting the video, Temple students on Twitter have shown their support and we're all rooting for her to be accepted.

The Tab Temple spoke to this ambitious, incoming freshm about her video and why she wants to be a Temple Owl.

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She's already repping the best

Tell me a little about yourself and when did you apply to Temple?

My name is Irina Althouse! I am 18-years-old and currently work at CVS Pharmacy. In my spare time I enjoy doing ceramics, producing music, and writing! I applied for Temple on December 12th and I want to major in Advertising!

Why Temple? What made you want to apply to our school?

Temple is my dream school. I always knew I was going to apply since I was a freshman, even before I visited. A few of my friends currently attend so I’ve had the chance to visit them quite a few times this past year and absolutely fell in love with campus life and the whole environment. I live in the suburbs so the city is a really big change. That being said, I always have felt like I really belonged at the school while staying there. I just love it!

How did the idea of making a video come about?

After filling out my application, I’ve basically read over it everyday and been constantly stressed. I feel like my high school GPA and SAT scores do not accurately show how capable I am of being successful at this school and in life. I wanted to show Temple that I am more than some standardized test scores and that I am creative and willing to work hard to achieve my goals.

What's some of the reactions you’ve gotten when you made the video and after posting it?

Before shooting the video, I was really nervous that people would be mad at me or think I was making fun of them, but while recording I actually met some very genuine people who not only let me record them but told me to follow up on whether I was accepted or not! There were obviously a few people who respectfully declined to me recording them but I completely understood. After I posted the video, I immediately began getting retweeted and replies from Temple students and other strangers which was really amazing! I’ve only had positive feedback so far!

How nervous are you to get your acceptance letter?

I’m trying to be as confident as I can about getting accepted but it’s difficult because this is my dream school. It’s so important to me that I get accepted. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous. However, I’ve told myself that even if I don’t get in, I’m going to work harder to get in the following semester.

Are you ready to be a die-hard Temple Owl fan?


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