This guy posted a video “rating” Temple and it’s bad

“You can’t walk a single block without a bum asking you for crack money”

On December 8, Twitter user Eric Lord posted a chain of videos to his account where he provided his own personal opinion on Temple and various other colleges in Pennsylvania.

According to his Facebook, Lord is studying journalism at Delaware Community College. He provided questionable reviews for Temple,as well as for Penn State, West Chester and Bloomsburg.

In a video that lasts 1:28, Lord discusses his opinion on the North Philadelphia community where Temple is located, using remarks that are nothing if not discriminatory.

Lord criticizes Temple University's decision to represent the college as a safe and welcoming environment.

“Walk across the fucking street. Walk two blocks past fucking Broad Street and you can’t walk a single block without a bum asking you for crack money or a dude begging to suck your dick for crack money,” he says in the video. Lord goes on to say, “If you go to Temple, you’re going to get robbed…Everyone I know there has been robbed at gun point, beat up and robbed, had their house broken into, armed robbery.”

Then, to close his video, scathingly declared that, “If you go four years at Temple, at graduation, they need to give you a little ribbon and the ribbon will say “I did not get ganged at Temple.”

Temple students wasted no time in correcting Lord on his inaccurate, uninformed, and prejudiced description of the university.

Twitter user @davincdeez provided her own thread, defending her experience at Temple University, providing accounts as a student living off campus, which according to Lorde is a life-endangering decision.

Other students were also quick to respond to Lord's comments

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