Your finals playlist for the endless nights studying

I’m a survivor?? I’m not gon give up???

Finals are here and for Temple students that means staying overnight at the tech and drinking endless amounts of coffee.

Getting through finals is tough, so here's a few songs to make finals a little bit more bearable.

"Stay Inside (the Internet Remix)", Raleigh Richie

Raleigh Ritchie, a smooth English rapper and singer, collaborated with the Internet on "Stay Inside". This mellow remix is perfect to vibe to while looking over your notes.

"Survivor", Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child, do they even need an introduction? This star-studded 90's girl group dropped some of the most iconic songs of our early childhood, and "Survivor" was no exception.

"Survivor" is dedicated to all those procrastinator out there. Its 3 am. Your Spanish final is at 9. You have 100 more vocab words to memorize. You got this, you are a survivor, and Destiny's child is here to serenade you through your last Quizlet set. You ARE gonna make it!

"I Aint Got Time!", Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, The Creator has been making headlines as long as he has been making albums. His newest album, Flower Boy, is the most mellow of his catalogue and perfect for some study tunes.

This song in particular reminds us that during finals week, I ain't got tiiiiiiiiimmmmeeeeeee for sleep, or a social life, of a coffee break, or to eat something that's not out of a vending machine.

"STFU", Amine

Amine, of "Caroline" fame, dropped an album Good For You earlier this year. This album will have you feeling a plethora of emotions from cursing your ex and dancing with you best friends.

"STFU" in particular is dedicated to the kids who decided the Tech was the perfect place to catch up about what they did last weekend! No, it is really funny that Tiffany threw up all over Broad Street on Saturday, the whole Tech thinks so! Thanks for sharing!!

"Empty", Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract balances emo lyrics with incredible rap style. He mixes melody with syncopation perfectly, especially is his song "Empty".

This song is dedicated to your 8am final after an all night study session. You win finals, you win.

"IDK", Willow

Willow Smith has been a breakout artist the past few years, dropping one psychedelic pop jam after another.

"IDK" , aka the answer to about 55% of the short answer questions on your final (For real though, did we even cover this in class???), is off her album ARDIPITHECUS and is the perfect song to keep you motivated during your finals studying.

"Earth, Wind & Fire", September

This old school groove will have you dancing in your seat at the Tech and have you thinking back to September when our biggest concern was which party we were going to sylly week.

We were so young then, so innocent. Oh, how youth is wasted on the young.

"Distraction", Kehlani

This song is perfect to blast during your fifth study break during your first hour of studying. Do you wanna be a distraction baby? This one's for you Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VSCO, Buzzfeed, daily horoscopes and basically anything on my phone that isn't Blackboard or Canvas.

Kehlani is one of Billboard's Women to Watch in music and she deserves the title. Her solo album, SexySweetSavage, dropped in 2016 and is full of amazing bops. "Distraction" is one of the most popular tracks, and definitely one of our favorites!

"Best Friend", Rex Orange County

If you haven't hear Rex Orange County, you'll thank me later for this one.

Not only is this song great for some chill vibes but it's also not a generic Top 40 song that's constantly being played on the radio. Listen to the U.K. singer and his whole freaking album to make your finals ten times better.

"The Weekend", SZA

Okay, so if you haven't heard SZA this past year and before that, then you sincerely need to grab your headphones and listen the Grammy-nominated singer.

There's a million reasons why you should listen to this song but let's just say it's just iconic and it's the anthem all girls have been screaming with their friends during their pregames, kickbacks, etc.

Thank you SZA for making our nights and our finals better.

"Fingers Crossed", Coin

Coin is an indie rock pipe dream. They balance beats that will inspire you to choreograph around your dorm with witty and clever lyrics that you can't help but sing at the top of your lungs. You can apologize to your roommates later!

Play this on repeat while frantically updating Canvas, or Blackboard―I have no prejudice. We're all have our fingers crossed that our professor curved our grade just a little.

"Oops!…I Did It Again", Britney Spears

Oops! I procrastinated all my assignments again!!!

Let Queen Britney Spears make your finals better with her 2000 mega hit. Not only is this song homage to our good ole days but it's also the perfect song to sing along with our friends when you need a study break at the tech.

Yeah, people might stare at you lip-syncing to Britney but it's BRITNEY BITCH!

"Young Dumb & Broke (Remix)", Khalid feat. Rae Sremmurd & Lil Yachty

It's pretty much explained but we're all young, dumb, broke here!

Listen to the El Paso artist who's been killing the charts with his latest songs. While we might all be stressed, this song is a fun song to remind us that we're just college students grinding to get that degree.

"Congratulations", Post Malone

Post Malone is everyone's favorite rapper/ heartbreak crooner and this song is made for your last final.

Blast this on your train ride home for winter break. Congrats, you made it!! With your GPA still (somewhat) intact! Enjoy your Post Malone' angelic voice and that ethereal month off.

Good luck with finals Temple, my Spotify name is Nina Adams if you're interested in hearing the rest of the finals playlist!

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