Seth Rogen just responded to this Temple student’s viral Twitter video

Kalen Allen’s Tasty video roast has absolutely blown up

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and while everyone is gearing up for the holiday outlets like Tasty from Buzzfeed created their own festive recipe videos for everyone to enjoy.

However, this time, they have gone too far.

Kalen Allen, a Theatre/Film major with a concentration in Acting from Temple University and Co-Host of Temple Talk, made this viral reaction video after Tasty ruined a Thanksgiving favorite.

The tweet has since gone viral and actor, Seth Rogen, has even thanked Kalen for making this hilarious video.

We asked Kalen, our top Temple Owl to follow on Twitter, the important questions now that he's basically interacting with one of our favorite celebrities.

What made you create this video in the first place?

Well, the funny thing is, anyone who knows me knows that this is how I react to everything. I just never record it. But, something in my spirit told me to record it this time. So I just set my phone up and made it. I actually wasn’t going to post it on Twitter at first. I usually use Facebook for my stuff but right before I went to sleep I uploaded it.

What was your initial reaction to the cornbread recipes?

I was genuinely disgusted. I couldn’t understand why they were putting corn in cornbread, specifically canned corn. Like they didn’t even drain the corn first! Also what the heck is “Street Corn Cornbread”. That’s where the gentrifying thing came up. I would probably eat the one with bacon and syrup…minus the corn.

Did you expect people to react this way?

Not at all! When I went to sleep, I had about 20 retweets. When I woke up, there was over 500 retweets. I honestly thought that by noon it would be done and old news but, it has not stopped yet. In fact, I can’t even use Twitter on my phone or my laptop for five minutes before it freezes, because of the notifications.

How do you eat your cornbread?

I prefer cornbread muffins with honey butter or jelly. Also, I like it glazed in honey. That is the best way to eat it.

Seth Rogen just replied to your tweet. How does that feel?

Very surreal! Mainly because I didn’t tweet him or find him first. He found me! I immediately responded, “Hire me!” hahahahaha. It’s all very humbling.

Everyone loves you on social media, what’s your plan/dream after graduation?

Well, I graduate in May and I have grad school auditions in January for acting at Julliard, NYU, and Yale. Ultimately, I’m a professional actor and have been my whole life, but I hope that one day I have my own talk show and perform on Broadway. I would also love to create and write more comedic content on a more official and bigger platform. I love making people laugh and keeping people entertained, especially when the world can be a huge weight on our shoulders!

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