A Temple guide to creating your last minute Halloween costume

Being a sexy Bell Tower Preacher is harder than you think

Halloweekend is upon us and it is just about that time when everyone begins to panic because they still don’t have a costume.

There’s no need to rush to Rite-Aid and buy the last cat costume left on the shelf or pull a Jim Halpert with his classic 3-hole punch costume because The Tab Temple has you covered.

With little time left and no money to spend, it’s still possible to create a costume like no other (*gasp*), with nothing but the random items you can find around your basic college apartment.

We’ve created the quickest and most Temple spirited costumes to help you trick everyone into thinking you’ve spent weeks planning.

Richie Jr. from Richie’s

Throw your black hat on backwards and maybe even your gray t-shirt (I don’t own a plain gray shirt either, it’s okay) and grab a coffee and bagel to go. You’ll also be set with the essentials to make it through a long night.

Bell Tower Preacher

I get no one has ever seen the Bell Tower Preacher with his shirt half unbuttoned in a knot but it’s okay to switch things up once in a while. Don’t forget to grab your Bible before you head out the door.

Wild Cherry Pass

If you have 14 cents to print two cherries out at the Tech center, you’ve just created a one of kind costume.

ZBT Frat Brother

Every one of us has had our (perhaps unfortunate) encounters with Temple's infamous non-frat frat. If you're feeling douche bag-esque and a little bit irrelevant, feel free to channel Chad from ZBT who made you answer obscure questions before handing you a Natty Light during Welcome Week.

Johnson and Hardwick

If you and your friend are both stuck, this is the perfect lazy costume to get you through this weekend. Just don’t leave each other’s side and no one will ask any questions.

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