A Jenna Burleigh memorial appears in Annenberg Hall

‘I want to record Jenna’s presence with her absence’

The devastating disappearance of Jenna Burleigh left Temple University shocked and saddened, with more questions than answers. While the story continues to unfold, students are trying to wrap their minds around the tragic death of a fellow Owl.

Last Thursday, Temple Student Government and the Progressive NAACP hosted a vigil in remembrance of Jenna where students and faculty gathered to share their memories of Jenna.

Temple University held a public vigil for Jenna

Temple University held a public vigil for Jenna

Today, a memorial for Jenna appeared in Annenberg Hall, room 3 located in the basement.

In the seat, located right in the front row, where Jenna sat on her first day of Media Arts II―now displays a hand drawn framed portrait of Jenna with a note left on the desk, titled "READ ME" in big, colorful letters.

Note found for Jenna

Note found for Jenna

The note reads:

"On August 28th, I met Jenna in this room for the first time. She was sitting in this exact seat smiling. (Have you met her? Did you know her?) Jenna is a junior transfer student. This is her first semester at Temple. My class, Media Arts II, might have been one of the first few classes she had taken.

I thought I was going to see her again. Then it's all in the news. She was murdered.

I want to record Jenna's presence with her absence.

I'm leaving this book on her seat in the hopes that you would write down a few words about her.

Things you know about her.

Things you learned about her.

Things other people told you about her.

Things that were in the news.

What does Jenna mean to you?"

In hopes of keeping her memory vibrantly alive, students are asked to share their memories of Jenna and thoughts of the incident in the book that will hopefully remain on Jenna's desk to help heal all of those who are struggling with her absence.

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