The Tab Temple is looking for new writers like you to join the team

Be apart of the team changing the game with 11 million monthly readers

The Tab Temple is looking for new writers just like you to join our team for the upcoming fall semester. From engineering to journalism, all majors are welcome. All you need is pride in your school and a passion to write.

The Tab is an online news network, published by you, for you. We cover the stories you care about in a fashion you want to read.

As a Temple University student, you have the opportunity to join the team that covers the breaking stories everyone is talking about. We are a group of fearless journalists – no topic is off limits. We are a different kind of news network.

We've also been featured on USA TODAY as one of the 5 student digital media teams to join.

The Tab is a global media franchise consisting of over 80 universities throughout the UK and the US, and The Tab Temple has been one of the top teams since the beginning. With a global audience of 11 million readers monthly, you have the opportunity to share your stories worldwide.

Gail Vivar, head editor of The Tab Temple

Gail Vivar, head editor of The Tab Temple

Joining The Tab Temple has been the best and most rewarding decision I have made while at school. Writing for The Tab is so much more than weekly meetings in Paley and university published pieces.

You will have the opportunity to apply for internships at The Tab’s headquarters located in Brooklyn, become a summer fellow which allows you to continue writing even when the school year ends, have your work published to an audience of millions, and join a team consisting of the best, brightest, and funniest students at Temple University.

We may be a student-run website but our stories have been featured in ABC News, Teen Vogue, The New York Post, The Washington Post, and The Daily Mail. The Tab Temple’s previous editor, Dylan Keith, is now an Associate Creative Producer at BuzzFeed, proving the opportunities provided by The Tab are endless.

Providing you a platform to show off your skills and ideas, The Tab Temple team has pushed limits and sparked controversy. That’s why we need new creatives like you to help drive The Tab Temple to new heights.

Like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter account for all the latest news surrounding Temple. We publish everything ranging from student attacks on campus to viral tweets by TU’s finest, and we welcome all story ideas.

For more information on applying, email us at

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