Everything we know about the Class of 2021, and what they should know about us

We love Richie’s and the Tech Center will be your new home

It's finally that time of the year again when families drop their children off and the new class of freshmen arrive at our school.

Approximately 5,100 Temple freshmen and 2,400 transfer students are set to join Temple for the 2017-18 academic year, according to a Temple University representative.

Temple received 30,108 applications to fill the freshmen spots for this year.

The Class of 2021 will be representing 60 countries, 45 states, and that's not all that we should know about them.

The oldest member of the Class of 2021 is 66 years old and the youngest student is 16 years old. Temple will also be welcoming 37 sets of twins and two sets of triplets among freshman and transfers.

If your name is Matthew or Emily, you're going to cringe at this next fact about the new class of freshmen.

According to a Temple representative, the most common first name among freshmen and transfers is Matthew and Emily. How many you may ask? There's 102 Matthew's and 71 Emily's.

The most common last names is Patel, Nguyen and Smith. Also, the most common major is biology.

However, as we welcome the freshmen this week, there are a few things we need them to know about us.

Our beloved rapping professor Professor Dr. Aaron Smith with Temple Cheerleading team and Diamond Gems

Our beloved rapping professor Professor Dr. Aaron Smith with Temple Cheerleading team and Diamond Gems

Tech Center will be your new home, and where all your friends will be at

Trust me when I say this, this place will be your home especially during finals week. It's probably the best place to do work and yes, there are people who socialize at the Tech Center but don't be the person who everyone hates at Tech.

You'll find out that we love Richie's more than we love anything else

It's a known fact around Temple Owls that we love Richie's. Do not fight us on this but this is the place for the best food and service around Temple University.

Just go and taste it, you'll thank me later.

We love tailgates, and our football team

There's nothing more beautiful than uniting with your fellow classmates when we verse a school we absolute hate because of football.

You will soon see people turn into the biggest fans of Temple during our football games, and you absolutely should too. Our tailgates should not be missed and as freshmen, you're going to want to be friends with people who know how to tailgate.

Beury beach is where you're going to see all of us and our mothers

Since the Tech Center is our home, Beury beach is your home away from home. You're going to see massive amounts of people here because it's the best place to relax and hang out with your friends in between classes or if you're cutting class.

Don't cut class as freshmen though, your freshmen GPA matters.

Don't be afraid to reach out to upperclassmen or even your professors for any help

That Friday feeling! #CherryOn #🍒

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As freshmen, you're going to be confused and wondering how long will it take for you to adjust. Trust me, you're going to get used to every single thing about our campus and our school life. There's nothing wrong with asking someone for help on which classes or professors to avoid or even asking where a building is at.

We've all been there and we know how you're feeling. Temple University will be your new home where you're going to grow and explore the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

Welcome Class of 2021!

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