The best food trucks on campus according to Temple students

In need of recommendations?

Food trucks are something that rarely any college has, and that is why we are lucky at Temple to have almost every street on campus filled with them.

However, with so many options available (and so little time to try them all) we thought to ask Temple students themselves which food trucks they rank as the best on campus.

So next time you have a lunch break and don’t know where to eat, just look on here for some recommendations.

Jenna Song, Sophomore, Journalism Major

“I would say Halal food truck outside of Student Center is really good. It’s convenient and cheap.”

Emily Doerflein, Junior, Glass Major

“My favorite food truck is definitely Richie’s Lunch Box outside of Tyler! The woman there is so sweet and everything I try is amazing my mouth waters thinking about it. They have a lot of Vegetarian options which is very useful for me since not all food trucks have that option!”

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Eric Rubarkh, Junior, MIS Major

“My favorite food truck is definitely Tommy’s lunch truck, amazing breakfast sandwiches and the lady is super nice.”

Ernie Tyler, Senior, Early Childhood Education and Special Education Major

“I do not eat at too many food trucks but my favorite one is Brother’s Pizza truck because they use Dollarwatcher. It’s an awesome app that is helping restaurants and customers save money on online ordering.”

Photo Credits: @raveyote

Xavier Musti, Sophomore, Journalism & Film Major

“My favorite food truck is El Guaco Loco.”

Carrie Weaver, Sophomore, Psychology Major

“My favorite food truck is the Halal truck right across from the Student Center! The Halal guys are so nice, and I would recommend their chicken teriyaki above any other food on campus!”

Kai Evans, Sophomore, Political Science Major

“I think my favorite food truck is the Footlong truck because you get so much good food for a reasonable price and the people are super friendly! Or the Burger Tank is pretty good too.”

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Taylor Berkoski, Sophomore, English Major

“My favorite food truck would probably be Chicken Heaven. It’s my fav because I always pass it walking to class, the workers are so friendly, and they have bomb breakfast sandwiches for super cheap!!”

Mariel Ferry, Sophomore, Media Studies and Production Major

“My favorite food truck is the truck outside of Boyer I think. I think it sells Crepes and they are really good for a good price.”

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Satchel Williams, Sophomore, Theatre Major

“My favorite truck is probably Jamaican D’s on Montgomery. I’m West Indian so I love to support West Indian businesses and their sweet corn is FIRE.”

Rayyan Aziz, Senior, Economics Major

“Mine would probably be the Burger Tank because they have their own distinct burgers and tastes! You can’t get those kind of burgers anywhere but their food truck.”

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Annie Okonski, Junior, Photography Major

“My favorite food truck is Richie’s Lunchbox, they have the best veggie burger and breakfast sandwiches. They also have a veggie bagel with cucumbers and tomatoes―so good! I’m happy with their vegetarian selection even though it’s small. The people that work there are very nice as well.”

Ginah Chae, Junior, Graphic Design Major

“The Tapenyaki truck has the best Korean chicken wings, otherwise known as #9.”

Jessica Chen, Sophomore, Graphic Design Major

“My fav food truck is Korea House because they have good Asian food.”

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Katie Donahue, Junior, Journalism Major

“I like the Mexican Grille truck near the student center the best. The food is really good and the people that run it are very nice. I also think it’s a good value for the price. The chicken tacos are my favorite thing to get there.”

Christina Fusca, Sophomore, Criminal Justice Major

“My favorite food truck is Richie’s lunch box. Richie’s mom runs it and she is always happy to see me when I order my usual chicken Caesar wrap. It’s great food, great service, and inexpensive.”

Colleen Byrne, Junior, Strategic Communication Major

“I really like the Crepe truck bc of all the different options, there’s a type of crepe for whatever mood you’re in!”

Derek Pearson, Senior, Chemistry Major

“Burger tank because it’s the best. Nuff said.”


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