PSA: Stella the Owl has a boyfriend and you don’t

Back off boys, this owl is off the market and defining relationship goals

Our beloved and ever-beautiful mascot, Stella, has been gracing us with her presence since 2013, and this week she ruffled feathers when she announced that she's in a comitted relationship.

"It'll be your pleasure to meet me & the boyfriend at Temple Football Day this Sunday at the zoo- don't miss it!" Stella tweeted.

Sorry boys, Stella only has eyes for one man and one man only and that’s her handsome boyfriend, Sherlock.

As it turns out, the two have been in a long, committed relationship since before her Temple career even began.

Off the field, Stella is a wildlife conservative teacher redefining beauty and brains. And with all that beauty, how is a girl supposed to keep the boys away?

But don’t let the fact that Stella’s in a relationship fool you to think she needs a man in her life. She may only weigh three pounds but that girl has the capability to crush prey with 28 pound force per square inch.

Like any other independent woman, Stella struts her stuff on the field and at the zoo, showing the boys who is boss. Although our girl is a little young to be dating, everyone has to fly the nest at some point.

Some Temple students even expressed their jealously of Stella and her mans. –

Sadly, it's just a reminder to us all that our owl mascot is off the market and we’re still being left on read.

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