VOTE: It’s time to end the debate, is it a pizza pie or tray of pizza?

‘The only people on the planet who call a pizza pie a ‘tray’ are from Scranton. Bottom line. Weirdos.’

Forget Donald Trump. Forget Sheetz vs. Wawa. Forget Penn State.

Pennsylvania has a much more serious dilemma we must handle once and for and all: Is it a pizza pie or tray of pizza?

If you’re ever in the mood for a heated debate, order a pizza pie in front anyone from northeast PA or try to order a tray of pizza in Philly and the employee on the other end will go silent from confusion.

As a NEPA native myself, it’s safe to say that we take advantage of the dozens of decent, original pizza places we find on every corner. Not a single head turns when you order a tray of pizza in the 570.

Upon moving to Philly, it became clear that we may be the only users of the term but we sure as hell are prepared to defend our argument.

People are not shy when it comes to voicing their opinions on the debate on Twitter.

It seems like the rest of world has their own opinion on the matter, creating a Twitter fiasco.

It’s time to settle this.

Is it a pizza pie, tray of pizza, or could you simply not care less about this irrelevant article.

Temple University